At the University at Albany we have 708 members in our Local 691. We need you to step up and volunteer to help serve our membership.

We have a very active Women’s Committee at SunyAlbany CSEA, and we welcome new members all the time, please contact Sheila Daubney (Chair) for further information.

If you would just like to volunteer in our communities or help other people out, there is the Women’s Committee that is always looking for members.  PLEASE!  Contact Nancy Davis for more information!

Additionally we need to have certain Committees established at our Local to help make your working environments safe and assure that your Executive Board are following established procedures.  We need you to consider taking some time either monthly or even once or twice a year, to be a member of one of these committees.

According to the Local Constitution: The Local President shall appoint the following standing committees;

Audit Committee

Membership Committee

Budget Committee

Political and Legislative Action Committee

Health and Safety Committee

The Local President may appoint the following committees

Grievance Committee

Education/ Program Committee

Public Relations Committee and others

One does not have to be an officer to serve on these committees!
Anyone of our SUNYA Local 691 members may serve.

We need these committees to bring the best service and values to our membership. Anyone interested in serving please contact us. Kevin Benn, President.

I am reorganizing these committees as our fiscal year runs October 1 though September 30.

Audit committee reviews our financial records and prepares a report to Joseph McMullen our Statewide Treasurer by January 1.

Membership committees need to be restructured and we need volunteers to meet monthly to prepare orientation packets for new employees, include applications for membership and information about benefits for CSEA members, help guide members with questions. To help keep members information current.

To update members on useful information, etc. Also to keep track of our retirees and to assist in distributing info as retirement approaches.

Political and Legislative committees alerts membership of actions that will affect our members. Example getting information about legislation and how to contact your representatives on issues that will effect you personally.

Health and Safety committee will work with the reorganized Labor/Management committee to bring the best workshops to any work site. We are combining resources from Management, CSEA and NYS/ CSEA Partnership. There are several workshop available to keep your work site safe. Any concerns should be address to this committee.

Grievance committee needs more shop stewards and grievance representatives. Training is available and required. Many situations have been solved by sitting down with management and discussing a problem and working out a viable solution for both parties.

Education and Program committee is needed to bring educational workshops available here to UAlbany. I have been working closely with Lynne Shultis, Employee Relations Associate to bring NYS/Partnership Courses here.

There are several workshops available thru CSEA, GOER, NYS/CSEA Partnership, but need volunteers to help set up rooms, refreshments, registration and survey what members would be interested in.

Programs could be like assisting with the Great Escape or other outings member would be interested in. Also Information Day, and social functions. These are considered General Membership meetings held outside of the University.

These are just a few examples of committees. Can form more to give the best and more back to our members.